How to Handle Multiple Projects? Great free tool

How to Manage Time Like a Pro
How to Manage Time Like a Pro
August 15, 2015
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January 2, 2017

How to Handle Multiple Projects? Great free tool

In this fast paced, competitive world, lots of project managers juggle between many projects simultaneously. Each of these projects tend to differ in terms of sizes, complexities and duration. If you are a busy project manager with many projects in your bag, what would you do? How will you handle the situation like a pro? How to Handle Multiple Projects there are three important strategies in handling multiple projects.

  • You must learn to manage time as effectively as possible (See our previous post).
  • Delegate every task you can.
  • Make use of smart project management tools, keep reading to find how we do.

How #1 – Time Management

As mentioned previously, the bond between time management and multiple project management is inevitable. Project managers who are burdened with too many chores end up fighting a series of crisis. The flow of tasks just wouldn’t stop. Above all, managers find the idea of micromanaging every other project difficult. This is when extra focus should be shown on time management (See our previous post).

How #2 – Manage Priorities

In order to handle multiple projects, you should maintain a checklist of all that has to be done. and think about what is more important and what can wait a couple of hours or days. Some projects will definitely be much more important than the rest. More resources and time should be allocated to these projects. Careful analysis should be carried out to make sure the project deadlines and strategic objectives are met.

How #3 – Categorize Work

In order to reduce the overall complexity, work has to be categorized and you need to create sub-tasks to achieve the big ones. This is when tools like “Asana” become useful!

The way we do it

How to Handle Multiple Projects?

Asana is a simple and efficient way of managing work. In fact, it is one of those very few tools that can generate results. Asana comprises of a comprehensive interface that will let you split tasks, set responsibilities and track progress. It will help you identify tasks that are assigned, in progress, completed and blocked. Also, it will let you interact with all your employees from a single dashboard. Indeed, it is a wonderful way of managing multiple projects. please leave us your comments below, have you found another way to handle multiple projects? Please let us know


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