How to Handle Multiple Projects?
How to Handle Multiple Projects? Great free tool
September 18, 2015

How to Manage Time Like a Pro

How to Manage Time Like a Pro. “Time is Money” and it is one of those finest aspects that should be handled with lots of care and concern. Proper time management will help you balance both your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, time management is considered as a tacky challenge that is easy said than done. Today we’re gonna share some trick we found to make it better and why it’s important.

Why #1 – Because it is Limited

Time management is predominantly important since “Time” is a limited resource. Everyone in this world receives the same amount of time, therefore it is up to you to make the most out of time. Regardless of whether you are at home or a workplace, you must learn to accomplish more within fewer hours.

Why #2 – To be Focused

When you take control of time, you will undeniably stay focused on the tasks at hand. This will help you gain momentum and result in better efficiency. Try to run a marathon where you stop every ten seconds, this will definitely cause exhaustion and increase the time you need to complete the race.

Why #3 – Sharp Decision Making

It is quite interesting to note that time management triggers better decision making skills. When you are blessed with many choices and the task of picking the best one is tough; time will help. The mighty resource will support you in determining which choice is wiser and better!


The way we do it

How to Manage Time Like a Pro

With all this being said we found that working harder is not working smarter, you must work hard but also you need to recharge your batteries to keep the productivity flowing. The Pomodoro Technique will aid you in fighting against hyper-focus, distractions and make sure you use your time the right way. If you are a busy individual with very little or no time for yourself, the Pomodoro Technique will lend you a hand to manage your time. It is a wonderful and efficient way of handling tasks.

The idea is to focus on one single task for 25 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes, that’s called a Pomodoro, and the fourth Pomodoro will have a 15 minutes break. You need to respect the sequence, even if what you’re working on is really urgent or important, we recommend using this page there you can create your own timer and manage better your time, please leave us your comments below, have you found another way to manage time? Please let us know


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