Top 10 greatest creative campaigns of 2016

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Greatest creative campaigns

Greatest creative campaigns of 2016

Greatest creative campaigns, The Super Bowl, the Euro Cup, the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, the US elections… 2016 is about to end, marked by sports, social and political mega-events and some greatest creative campaigns

There have been a few ads which have stood out above the rest. For its exceptional storytelling, and simply for daring to be different and for leaving the audience speechless.

We’ll see these campaigns on many advertising festivals in 2017. Here is the best of 2016 according to Horizont:



1. “Unlimited You” – Nike – Wieden + Kennedy Portland (USA)


2. “The Switch” – Nike – Wieden + Kennedy Portland (USA)


3. “My Mutant Brain” – Kenzo – The Framework Londres (UK)


4. “Duel” – Audi – Venables Bell & Partners (USA)


5. “Evan” – Sandy Hook Promise – BBDO Nueva York (USA)


6. “We’re The Superhumans” – Channel 4 – 4 Creative Londres (UK)


7. “#ShareTheLoad” – Ariel – BBDO Bombay (India)


8. “Meet Graham” – TAC – Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (Australia)


9. “The World’s Biggest Asshole” – Donate Life – The Martin Agency Richmond (USA)


10. “The Next Rembrandt” – ING – Amsterdam (Netherlands) 


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